Astrid - Tentang Rasa

Loving it when I first watched Vanila Coklat at TV3, <3!

Xx, anniza

Foster The People - "Pumped Up Kicks" Cover by Tanner Patrick - with lyrics

I'm crazy in love with this song! Enjoy the show!

Xx, anniza.

Imma busy bee

I'm trully sorry for the lack of update. I will try to post/share little by little in future.

Xx, anniza.


Nothing much I can say, I will only let Him do every single thing in this world.

InsyaAllah, hari itu pasti akan tiba.. Amin...

Xx, anniza.


Hi girls, assalamualaikum.

First of all, thankful to Allah for giving me chance to breath. Dont be suprised looking at all my posts being deleted recently. I purposely delete the posts since i got few things happened last month and i decided to turn into a new leaf, and yea i mean it. So as for now, i will try to update regularly or maybe thrice or twice in a month. If possible, i will update more to satisfy myself and also my close friends :)

Okay, i think that is all from me. I will be back to update July events in next post.

Salam wbt. Xx, anniza.